• If your pet hasn't traveled internationally previously, we can deliver your pet carrier a week ahead of departure. This is a good idea to get your pet used to the traveling kennel by sleeping in it one or more nights.
  • Let us know in advance of any special feeding or medical requirements for your pet.
  • Have your pet's vaccinations up to date and vaccination certificate handy.
  • For international travel it is advisable to contact us approximately 6 weeks prior to departure. In some cases we need to start preparations 6 months ahead. This it to ensure that we can satisfy all government requirements for your destination country.
  • Ensure that your cats are secured indoors the night before departure.
  • Exercise your dog within 24 hours of departure to burn off some excess energy.
  • Send a familiar toy or old t-shirt with your scent on it when your pet travels. This helps to keep your pet calm during transit.
  • Unless medically necessary, for the comfort of your pets, do not feed them on the day of departure.
  • Do not sedate your pets, except under veterinary instructions.
  • Don't have your cats roaming free when removalists are about, as they will often be afraid and hide away.
  • Don't send unnecessary items with your dog or cat. The only items to travel with them are:
    • Essential medication
    • A small familiar toy
    • A piece of material, or old t-shirt with your scent on it
    • If your pet has special dietary needs, then send a sufficient amount.

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