Does my pet get fed?


We do not recommend feeding your pet immediately prior to collection. This is to prevent any potential motion sickness that may incur from travelling in our vans or onboard any flights. If your pet is boarding with us for an extended period (more than 24 hours) we will provide him/her with breakfasts and dinners. As most International flights depart in the morning, we feed pets the night before but not in the morning of the flight. This is to ensure your pet travels on an empty stomach to ensure no potential “mess” inside their travelling crate.

What if my pet starves?

pet food cannister

Dogs and Cats can go several days without food without any issues. Pets have different digestive systems and can last a very long time without food. As many flights require your pet to be without food for long periods of time, we make sure they are supplied with plenty of water which can be topped up from the outside of their travelling crate. The airlines do not allow food in crates as this can become loose and also can be a choking hazard.

What if my pet goes to the toilet in his/her crate?

pet toilet

Along with your pets travelling crate, we supply him/her with a special ‘Sky Mat’. The Sky Mat is a stay dry absorbent, non- slip material. Should your pet urinate throughout the flight, moisture will sink to the bottom keeping the top dry and fresh. Special crystals in the matting draw odour away.

Where on the aircraft does my pet travel?

pet onboad

Pets travel in the cargo hold section of an aircraft. The travelling crate is strapped down to a pallet to prevent any movement throughout the flight. The cargo hold section of the aircraft is pressurised and has air conditioning at the same temperature of the passenger cabin. No personnel on board have access to the cargo hold section of a commercial aircraft where your pet is kept for the duration of the flight from take-off to touch down. This is due to strict security reasons.

Do Pet Carriers sedate my pet?

pet sedation policy

Under no circumstance does Pet Carriers partake in or recommend sedation. A sedated pet has greater difficulty regulating their own body temperature. On long journeys this can be potentially dangerous as the sedation can wear off mid-flight. The pet then becomes aware of his her surroundings with no recollection of the events beforehand. This can be counterproductive. If your pet is especially anxious or nervous, there are several natural remedies and sprays which can be used. Our crates are sprayed with a pheromone to help relax your pet and helps calm them during the flight making sure they feel safe and secure throughout the journey.

What if my pet needs medication?

We are able to administer simple medication if needed prior to flight departure. If medication is needed frequently (every few hours) and your pet has a long journey, please speak to your vet for advice on slow release medication or double dosage.

Can multiple pets travel together in the same crate?


If you have pets which get along (of the same species) we can organise for them to travel together. 2 pets together is the maximum. The maximum combined weight cannot exceed 20kgs. Large dogs cannot be together in the same travelling crate. Remember, each pet needs room to turn around and be comfortable. Some airlines have age limits and certain specifications such as ‘’Pets travelling together must be litter mates’’. We generally recommend for them not to travel together though.

Where does my pet stay the night prior to departure?

pet boarding

If your pet is scheduled to board overnight with us prior to his/her flight, we have proper boarding facilities at all of our major Australian ports. Dogs are issued with large runs, and cats are kept in our special cat room. Dogs are taken for 2 walks a day and an extra long walk prior to flight departure.

What do I need to prepare the day of collection?

Before we collect your pet from your residence or if self-delivery has been arranged, you need to make sure all relevant vaccination paperwork and any other relevant documentation such as permits and blood test results if applicable are presented to us. Full payment must be made prior to collection.

Can I include my pet’s favourite toy or blanket?

pet accessories

We certainly recommend including your pets favourite blanket/toy, a towel, an old t-shirt or even a pillow case which has your smell on it. Toys must be soft and safe to travel in your pets travelling crate. Items of acceptance include; Squeaky toys, teddy bears, balls, chew toys etc. Bedding can be included provided that it will fit comfortably inside the travelling crate. We will not be able to send any additional caging, housing or kennels inside your pets travelling crate.

What happens to my pet if he/she needs to transit through a different country?

pet transits

If your pet is travelling on an extended journey, he/she may have to transit in a different country. Your pet is taken off the aircraft (unless the aircraft is only stopping for refuelling). All pets are taken to a quarantine controlled pet transit area which is temperature controlled. The ground staff will check on your pets to make sure their water bowls a topped up and that your pets are comfortable.In some countries, your pets are allowed out of their travelling crates and a comfort stop is provided. Stretch of legs, a little bit of food, cuddles and pats. Pet Carriers are able to arrange a comfort stop in most transiting countries.

How do I collect my pet from the destination airport?

pet collection

Most of our quotes do not include the customs clearance fee which is payable upon collection of your pets at their final destination. We will provide you with contact details for the cargo section at your pet’s destination airport. We highly recommend making contact with them prior to your pet’s landing. The staff of the cargo section in the destination country will be the best people to speak to in regards to procedures, location and fees.

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