puppy scam

The scam begins when you see a classified for generally a rare breed of dog cheap either to purchase or free to adopt.

The seller normally claims to be affiliated with a Pet transport businesses including our own, requesting payment for the transport prior to sending the puppy. They claim that they will issue you with a tracking number so you can track your puppy. We do not issue tracking numbers.

The common business profile of the off-shore based company is to have you transfer several hundred dollars via Western Money Order to their off-shore locations. Once they “set the hook” into you with your initial deposit, they come back with a sense of urgency indicating there are additional funds required to have veterinarians conduct “tests” before the pet is released to you and then request generally an additional USD$150.00.

As you review their e mails to you, always with a sense of urgency directed towards you, the unsuspecting consumer you will observe frequent errors in spelling and significant errors in sentence structure.

Another identifier of the off-shore based company is their reluctance to provide you with flight details, airline schedules, and air cargo air way bill tracking numbers. The off-shore based company will only provide you with information after you have wired them additional funds.

If you have any doubts check out the companies website. If they are using the name The Pet Carrier and after reading the above you are still not sure, call us on (02) 9700 7223 and don't pay any money.

If you wish to report a scam you can contact the following Department Nationally, Scamwatch is part of the ACCC 

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