traveling kennels

Pet Carriers International supply approved Wooden Travelling Kennels of high quality construction.

We supply a large range of wooden travelling kennels for international travel. They are made to IATA ( International Air Transport Association specifications). Our traveling kennels come complete with a water container and funnel so your pet has access to water at all times during the flight. They have been designed to ensure your pets comfort and security during flight times and in transit.

Please note that some airlines will not accept wooden travelling kennels on their flights, however in these cases we will supply you with an approved Plastic Pet Crate.

How to Measure your Pet

  1. Length in cm = Nose to root of tail - tail excluded
  2. Height in cm = Floor to top of head while standing
  3. Width in cm = At the widest point


These measurements will ensure that your pet will have sufficient space to stand up and lie down comfortably. It is not necessary to measure cats unless they are unusually large.

Any size Travelling kennel can be made to order , although advanced notice is required.


We also stock a complete range of plastic air travelling kennels . These durable, lightweight and easily portable pet carriers are ideal if you intend to keep your pet's traveling kennel for future journeys. Made from high density plastic with a heavy gauge steel door, leak-proof floor and secure locking, they have been proved to be an extremely durable pet transport crate.

Please note:

These prices are for collection from our Sydney office at Sydney Airport.

Most sizes are in stock however please contact us to confirm availability.

PP20 50 x 35 x 35cm
PP30 63 x 43 x 45cm
PP40 72 x 45 x 53cm
PP50 82 x 56 x 60cm
PP60 93 x 62 x 73cm
PP70 115 x 66 x 80cm
PP80 116 x 66 x 85cm
PP90 131 x 77 x 85cm
Pet Carriers Wooden Traveling Kennels

First Class Care All The Way

Pet Carriers International has a great team dedicated to the safety of the animals we transport. We strive to take the stress out of relocating your best friends anywhere in the world.

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