pets insurance

Pet Carriers are able to offer pet travel insurance.


Covers the expenses directly resulting from loss, theft and damage or death of the animal caused by external circumstances from the moment of delivery by the shipper (max 6. Hours prior to transport covered by the insurance) to the shipping agent or the airline till the moment of acceptance counter of the airline or its handling agent. This insurance does not cover damage or death caused by the animal/s itself or death due to natural causes.

Additional Requirements

The insured transport has to comply with all IATA and governmental requirements and regulations.


$55.00 per $750.00 of insured value or a part of it, with a minimum premium of $55. Please note a set up fee of $80.00 is charged for each policy

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Pet Carriers International has a great team dedicated to the safety of the animals we transport. We strive to take the stress out of relocating your best friends anywhere in the world.

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